You know what sucks?!!?

When someone really nice and funny and what’s to do everything to make you happy, comes into your life and they just want to be yours for the simple little things… and you just can’t seem to get around the fact that you can’t see yourself with that person. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself.. 

And the saddest part is, is that you do recognize how amazing this person is.. but in all reality, you can only be friends with them. You tried really hard! SUPER HARD to try to see more than friends, but it’s impossible. Completely and utterly impossible. 

That’s what sucks!

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Words of wisdom from Mama.
Mom: *doing work on the computer*
Me: So I realized why my type of guys are white guys....!
Mom: What?
Me: I realized why I like white guys more than any other guy...
Mom: Why?
Me: Because I deal with enough drama with my hispanic family... I need someone to balance it out!
Mom: *lol* And why do you like white guys?
Me: Because they are way more relaxed... very much easy going.
Mom: You haven't found him yet...
Me: What?
Mom: You haven't found the guy you are looking for yet. Don't worry... You'll find him.